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Life Energy Food™ LLC has developed a new category of sweeteners; nutritive sweeteners. This group of sweeteners has the same “mouth feel” and sweetening ability as traditional sweeteners and artificial sweeteners and yet offers important differences.
Nutritive sweeteners:

  1. Have a low requirement of insulin for digestion or none at all as contrasted with traditional sweeteners (e.g. sucrose, fructose, and glucose).
  2. Contain a lower caloric content per serving than traditional sweeteners.
  3. Offer release of steady energy in the system rather than a depression before a high sharp peak of energy followed by a significant “after sugar depression” as occurs with traditional sweeteners.
  4. Provide protection against dental caries.  Traditional sweeteners encourage bacterial action against gums and teeth unless the teeth are brushed immediately after consumption.
  5. Feed the beneficial Bifidobacteria in the large intestine.  Artificial sweeteners (e.g. Splenda [Sucralose], Equal [Saccharin], NutraSweet [Aspartame]) kill Bifidobacteria in the large intestine by depriving them of their food.  Traditional sweeteners complete their ingestion into the body in the small intestine and do not benefit the large intestine.
  6. Increase the body’s absorption of vitamins and minerals.  In contrast, artificial sweeteners carry the vitamins and minerals and expel them from the body along with insoluble dietary fibers and other non-digestible matter.
  7. Are natural as opposed to artificial sweeteners.

Inulin products qualifying as nutritive sweeteners are as follows:

Silver Light

Products in which inulin is effectively blended with traditional sweeteners in granulated form are as follows:

INULOA® Full Energy