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"Pleased with Frē®"
"I have been using your product Frē® for some six months now and I am very pleased with this product. I am dealing with diabetes, which was diagnosed some two years ago. I have been looking for a sweetener that would deliver delicious results without a bitter aftertaste. Frē® is such a product. I also have noticed that my weight is decreasing.

"I would recommend this product to others who are looking for a sweetener that is a better alternative to the artificial sweeteners that are on the market today.  

"Frē® fills a niche for me that I was missing when I was told I could no longer eat sugars and sweets."


Harold S., M.D.

Put our expertise to work for you. At Life Energy Foods, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the U.S and Global markets as a premier provider of prebiotic fructans
"Frē® helped me through my pregnancy""
In my second pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I would get swollen feet, tingly hands, shakiness associated with sugar spikes, and chronic thirst.

I was sent to a dietician and was given a strict diet and my obstetrician prescribed a medication, but I wanted to try something organic. I knew about Frē® as a natural prebiotic sweetened fiber. 

First thing in the morning I would put one teaspoon of Frē®in about one-half cup of water. That was all I took for the whole day. All my symptoms I described above were eliminated. 

Jennifer S.

"No need for extra saweets with Frē® "
I have been using Fructalyn® Frē® prebiotic low calorie sweetened fiber over the last month
I have been troubled with diverticulosis for about twenty years. Since taking Frē® in the month of February, I have not had trouble with this condition.  

The Frē® makes me feel satisfied so I don’t take extra sweets and carbohydrates. I am happy to have lost about seven pounds without particularly expecting that result.

Kirk N.

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"Life Energy Foods is the best place for prebiotic health. We were very happy with the results."
Testimonials for Life Energy Foods
"Improved endurance with fructan fibers"
I started taking your fructan fiber products to help my performance in cycling.

I immediately noticed an improvement in my endurance for the sport,m but I noticed a more draqstric and beneficial change in my time needed to recover.

These products helped me greatly and I would r3eommend them to anyone who wants to improve their performance in any athletic activity.

McKay P.
“I appreciate what prebiotic fructan fibers are doing for me. I take Vim® one to two times a day. I have much more energy and an over all good feeling. I have not felt this good for many years. It is so much easier to get things done when you have energy and feel good.” 

Blain H.
"More energy with VIm®"
“I have been seriously anemic for many years. After three months of using Vim, my body is absorbing iron, trace minerals like zinc, and Omega 3. My energy has blossomed. No more dragging through the day!

“My husband uses Fre to sweeten his food. As a Type II diabetic, his blood sugar remains within normal levels. He enjoys eating again.” 

Laurie S
Praise for Fre and Vim
I have been a user of fructan fibers for about two and a half years. I started taking it for relief from arthritis and for control of sugar cravings. Both have been helped by this product. Many other health improvements have taken place during the time I have been using Vim, particularly disappearance of spastic colon and lower blood pressure. I healed faster than my doctor and physical therapist expected from a broken wrist, both in strength and range of motion. I can’t say enough about this product.

Diane S